Tony Morice


GD1902 (Uncompleted)

åke - 2019

Graphic Design

Visual identity for the new restaurant of the Scandinavian chef Linda Granebring in Paris : åke.

Design of logo, business cards and menus in six variations, website, photographs and contribution to interior design.

Utilisation of old searches make with scanner to use different textures and weft on each of the random shapes.


GD1901 (Uncompleted)

Wen Wine - 2019

Graphic Design

Visual identity for the wine cellar of Alain Hing in Paris : Wen Wine.

Design of logo, business cards, letterhead and billing, website, shop bags, tote bags and two wine labels in collaboration with the winemakers Pierre-Nicolas Massotte and Philippe Cassignol.

The logo is a mix between the Asian lucky cat maneki-neko and the iconic poster of Michel Tolmer "Epaulé-jeté” for Domaine Breton.


Other Works